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Update on what happened Yesturday!!! This was written on April 28, 2003 - Jarriyah

Apr. 29th, 2003

11:50 am - Update on what happened Yesturday!!! This was written on April 28, 2003

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Maybe it's just my imaganation but I swear that everyone is avoiding me. I don't know. I here at K.G.H.S., helping Ms. Fetterolf with thses nutriton reports.

Everything was going fine until it was time to go to lunch. She asked me did I want anything to eat and I was like no. And she got all upset. (Which I can totally understand why, consetring my history and the subject of food.) So I figured to keep things going as nice as the had been before the food subject cmae up that I would order a salad. That didn't go by to well with Ms. Fetterlof. She started going on and on, about how what I had chossen to eat was only negitve calories. WTF!!! I thought food was food. Everything has a calorie. What is a nagtive calorie and what is a postive calorie? Someone please inlite me on this subject cause I sure as hell don't understand it.

Anyway I got the salad and I go and I look at and it's BROWN!!!!, So of course this makes me not want it. So, I got some juice to go with it and return to the office and prepare to drink my juice and forget about the salad that looks like it has been sitting in the sun the entire weekend. Ms. Fetterolf comes back and sees that I have not touched the salad and starts to become all motherly and concearned. So I have to explain to her why I'm not eating this disgusting salad. So in short she tells me that she understands why I didn't eat it and clams down on the subject. And then she offers to go to Fast Mart and get me something else and I say no that's okay. I'll just get something from the snack
machine. So she goes out in the hall and gets me some Chesse Balls. Which is cool with me. Chesse Balls bring back those care free days of Jonnelle,Michelle and I, we used to fight over these things all the time in school.

I ate them. I guess, I can't stay upset with Ms. Fetterolf, because she is a health teacher and she know what's up and she cares a lot about me and only wants the best for me. So maybe I should go and thank her instead of being upset with her!!!

Be Blessed,

~*I use a code name to protect the innocent*~

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